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Here you can find information, news, some reviews and recommendations, about the latest and best devices to use whilst composing and producing electronic music at home, and also in professional studio environments.

The site was created out of a passion to discover and communicate the latest music-making technologies.

When making music with a computer, having a physical USB MIDI controller in front of you, to give a tactile experience – with realistic piano keys, drum pads, buttons, faders and dials – will greatly aid your creativity and help speed up your projects.

A controller also allows you to simultaneously adjust a number of parameters in your software instruments, which is much more difficult, close to impossible even, if you only have a QWERTY keyboard, and a mouse or laptop trackpad.

Then when it’s time to perform music live, most electronic musicians today will take at least one USB MIDI keyboard and probably some other types of controllers too, with them on the road.
Arturia Hybrid Drum USB MIDI Controller






This website discusses some of the types of devices available, offers advice, and reports on the latest technological developments in this area.


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